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A love letter for you,
About Khromae & the art behind it
When I was a child, it was my dearest wish to become a painter. There was nothing more fantastic for me than creating, - nothing in this world fascinated me like that. Since then, I knew it. I want to be an artist! I want to paint the world as it painted me.

The years passed and the older I got, the more I began to doubt my desires. All the artists I had met in my life were white, old men who spent the whole day discussing the works of art of other white, possibly dead men. The world of this seemed to be so limited, unrealistic and calculating to me, that I started hating it. The proclamation of freedom through art - nailed into the foundation of this world, validated by a huge price tag, driven by self-pity of these old, white, - possibly already dead - men.

It became clear to me: if there is one thing in the world that I‘ll NEVER want to be, is being an artist. Because even the freedom of the world is avoiding woman, because even the freedom of the world is avoiding black (wo)men. And yet I stand here today and proclaim it. Freedom is priceless. Beloved mother, I became an artist. (I paint the world as it painted me.)
A concept love letter,
Lisa-Maria Yima (Khromae)

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  • All Of That Could Change In Milliseconds, (2017)
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