Seldom do we tell the stories that really make us shape who we are - especially not when we are in the middle of it. There are different situations in life, some can be changed, others can’t - and guess what ?

Most of the time we gon be alright. It might ache, and it might hurt. Your heart will be shaped and reshaped.

What’s life if your not striving to make your dreams come true?

When was the last time you really felt alive ?


Maison Khromae, or short Khromae, is a slow fashion label focused on semi annual collections, custom designs, art paintings and illustrations was founded in 2021 by Lisa-Maria Yima, formally known as Lisa-Maria Weise.


“What does the name KHROMAE mean ?“

Khromae is a Neologism consisting of the words Coffee and Chromium:

Coffee symbolizes universality and home; the feeling of being comfortable. Acceptance and pluralism. Imagine coffee and all it‘s mixtures, bringing people together, sitting on tables and simply connecting.

Chrommium, a metal with a brilliant shine, symbolizing the unusual and extraordinary. The combination of both might seem unusual, - even contrary.

The depth of darkness and the reflection of light. We strive to bring people together, break barriers, and create homes - in our clothes and the feeling of being at home in your soul, no matter who you are and where you come from.

To sum it up: Khromae is humble, modest, - yet shining. All variations. No limitations.


Through passion, commitment and the love for design, we want to tell stories; about us, the world we live in - and most importantly: about you!

Our focus is the merging of homeland (African fabrics), sustainability and zeitgeist. 

Where do we come from - where are we going?


We have to protect our surroundings and make effort to improve them - therefore EVERY order at Khromae is hand constructed, cut & sewn. Khromae sells its products through through the e-commerce section of its website, and social media such as Instagram and Meta (“Facebook”). 

© Khromae, 2020-2022.