Khromae was created by Lisa-Maria Yima. 
She always found extreme pleasure in art and playing with the opportunities of expression, which later lead her to begin the line Khromae in her early 20’s. After completing her training in fashion design in Mannheim, he began to bring her vision to life.

Through her passion and commitment for creating garments that tell a story and integrate different aspects of a disporean story, she was able to express herself in many new ways.
Khromae is way more than clothing, but love, adventurous and vibrant.

It’s always been a matter of her heart to produce and create in an environmental friendly way. We’ve to protect our surroundings and make an effort to improve them - you can only harvest a good outcome if you’ve planted a good seed.


«And still, - I’ll always be grateful.»

- Lisa-Maria Yima