Online Marketing

Social Media Marketing:

Any business is characterized by its virtual appearance, reflected by a recurring color palette, images and visuals. Your company itself could be clean and cool,warm and welcoming or exciting and different and so much more but none of it will matter if your social media marketing isn't translating it. To sum it up: social media appearances matter more than ever.

Khromae Marketing supports your company by offering services like creating an overall social media look (for example on Instagram, Twitter and many more) by providing you..

  • An overall aesthetic fitting your company’s values

  • Templates for social media posts

  • Templates for social media stories


  • Social Media Feed Content Creation

  • Social Media Story Content Creation

  • Community Building by communicating with potential customers through DM’s and comments, linking up with already existing networks suiting your company.


Logo Creation

Do you have a vision but you are still missing an exceptional Logo ?

Request your logo by Khromae today, launch your vision tomorrow !