There’s one basic fact we can all agree on: great design is about communicating a message in an appealing way. Therefore, it’s main essence is communication and storytelling.

Here we go. Let me tell you my story!




„Have you ever really been alive?“

(Almost) everything that’s in or on your body radiates from the lifestyle you’re living, what doing, what you’re eating and your overall personal happiness; how you’re working and how you’re resting.

Do you know what’s more freeing than a one week vacation?

Fulfilling your dreams! Freedom is priceless. If you love someone, you’ll do everything for him/her. Why don’t you genuinely love yourself then?

Go out there and make your dreams come true!

Welcome to the World of Khromae!



Khromae was created by Lisa-Maria Yima. 

She always found extreme pleasure in art and playing with the opportunities of expression, which later lead her to begin the line Khromae in her early 20’s. After completing her training in fashion design in Mannheim, he began to bring her vision to life.

Through her passion and commitment for creating garments that tell a story and integrate different aspects of a disporean story, she was able to express herself in many new ways.
Khromae is way more than clothing, but love, adventurous and vibrant.

It’s always been a matter of her heart to produce and create in an environmental friendly way. We’ve to protect our surroundings and make an effort to improve them - you can only harvest a good outcome if you’ve planted a good seed.


«And still, - I’ll always be grateful.»

- Lisa-Maria Yima






InterludeAnd where I lay there, surrounded by total darkness, I wonder if fully understood what real suffering was. I'm full or empty with pain, the salt in my eyes burn As I feel overwhelming nothing. I have blood on my hands and no matter what happens I deserve it. Because in spite of everything that happens, this glass dome is a privilege. A privilege with which holds no value for me. I am so free, so full of fear. I’m the only thing I'm afraid of.  

The collection [King Of The Fall, Fall Is Forever] AW21 / 22 tells the history of the past Fall seasons 2020-21. In this telling, fall is a metaphor for life as such, means in the figurative sense, that "you" as an individual are „the life“ - according to Decartes Philosophy approach "I think therefore I am". 

As a consequence of this world view, "you" are the king of autumn, of change and life. Autumn is the border of good and bad, the climax (peripetia) of the year.


In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of happiness. And there comes a time when there will be no more tears.
You only have yourself and change is the only thing that lasts completely. Autumn, the certainty that all leaves will fall, is forever. It is you, the king. - Means in consequence thatnothing is impossible.


Means in consequence that nothing is impossible.


Models (left to right): Jessica L., Yoba L., Raffael L., Zora G., Raffael L.

Models (left to right): Jessica L., Melissa W. Divine N., Theresa M., Yoba L., Jessica L.

Models (left to right): Yoba L., Jessica L., Zora G., Raffael L., Jessica L., Yoba L.

A collection by Khromae

Styled by Khromae / Lisa-Maria Yima

Managed & Organized by Yoba Laurent

© Khromae, 2021.


“FASHION IN PROGRESS” - Graduation Work MBK 2019


Fashion is usually associated with short-term expressions of the zeitgeist", which is immediately overshadowed by others  - oned think. Fashion and philosophy face each other with unease to this day, since fashion as an industry supports capitalist thinking and,  - due to its dictates towards women, can only be viewed as anti-feminist, if not patriarchal.


In conclusion: fashion can only be interpreted as the corset of society. The consequence of this definition, however, is that we deny fashion the right to participate in serious discussions and take responsibility on it’s important roles in terms of culture, history, on issues of feminism, environmental protection or world politics.

Just think of Coco Chanel, who never described herself as a feminist, and still freed women from restrictive corsetts with her creations. Fashion is the movement of design and architecture in one, but above all one thing: world history.

A collection by Lisa-Maria Yima, © Lisa-Maria Yima, 2019.


“OVER THE YEARS” Work Selection 2016-2019

 Digital Illustrations (left to right): “Lines”, 2019. “Royalty”, 2019. “Heart”, 2019. “Muses”, 2019.


Digital Illustrations (left to right): “God Is A Black Woman”, 2019. “Loop”, 2019. “insecure”, 2019. “Strenght”, 2019.


“TECHNICAL WORK” Selection 2016-2022

Technical Constructions are key for understanding the handcraft of designing, constructing and cutting clothing. Hand made with Adobe CC, this system is essential for understanding the complicity fashion, design and craftsmanship.


© Lisa-Maria Yima / Khromae, 2016-2022.