(What are we even doing?)

For current collections & services see: www.khromae.com !


Creative Services:

  • Collection Design and Merch Design for your company!  (Full Collection Design)
  • Creation of individual digital art as digital data & physical art print ( in cooperation with 3rdEyeVisiu)
  • Creation of technical sketches (collections & individual pieces)
  • Production of sewn individual pieces & simple accessories (on request, no leather processing) (DOB & HAKA)
  • Creation of mood boards
  • Photo shoot art direction / management

Styling Services:

  • Personal Styling
  • Image Styling for artists 


 Technical Services:

  • Production of individual digital art as a digital file and physical art print (in cooperation with 3rdEyeVisiu)
  • Preparation of technical drawings (collections & individual pieces)
  • Logo Design
  • (COMING SOON) Tech Packs for technical drawings!


Marketing Services:

  • Logo Design, Typography & Font and Color Palette Design
  • Corporate Guidelines 
  • Social Media Consulting & Analisys
  • Website Design (in cooperation with MRK Webconsulting)


Your request is not listed here? Just send a request to lisamariayima@khromae.com now!



Communication Guidelines

For easier cooperation: We can be reached from Monday to Friday until 19h / 7 p.m. Please always send us changes or project inquiries in writing, preferably via WhatsApp or e-mail. Please avoid voice messages and similar.

We speak English, German & French!